Hair loss is a common genetic condition affecting millions of people world-wide. Hereditary baldness, or male pattern baldness, is not exclusively a male concern as an estimated 25% of women also suffer the effects. Because genetics play a decisive roll no completely satisfactory solution exists yet but that doesn’t stop us from trying. It is important then to separate fact from fiction. At Groom for Men we are dedicated to finding a hair restoration solution that works for you.

The American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery System

You’re not alone. Lots of men want fuller, thicker, stronger hair. And American Crew, a leader in men’s hair products, has introduced a solution. The Trichology Hair Recovery System. A shampoo that works with a concentrate or patch to nourish and strengthen your hair.

The most effective shampoo to preserve hair and avoid shedding, Revita® results from cutting-edge research at DS Laboratories.

DS Laboratories. Revita®