1. Some styles never go out of fashion.
    Like being The Best. That’s why we obsess over every detail—pun intended.
  2. It’s The Man who makes the haircut.
    We’re not here to define or change your style. Just enhance it.
  3. The chair is sacred.
    This is a safe, honest place. If you need to hear something, we’ll say it. Your significant other would want us to.
  4. Evolve or die.
    We never settle or rest on our laurels. We invest in training every day. That’s why we’re a leading American Crew salon.
  5. We don’t discriminate. We appreciate.
    Whether you’re a punk rocker or buttoned-up estate planner (or both!), we love and treat you just the same. Come one, come all.


We hire the best cutters, and then we invest in constant training to make sure they’re always the best—including the latest styles and products. We’re so good, we train the trainers around the country.


It’s your hair, your look, your style. That’s why we listen and never push cuts or products that won’t fit into your lifestyle or comfort zone. Also, we’re not afraid to call “Timeout—bad idea” or recommend dividing that unibrow in half.


We’ve carefully crafted a fun, laid back environment. Come in and hang out before your appointment and enjoy a cool drink with some cool people.