In House Training for Members of Groom Staff

Our education system is based on The American Crew Menswork Method. The Cutting courses offered with American crew were created by American Crew’s Technical Director and Groom for Men owner, Theri DeJoode and are taught by American Crew Allstar, Crystal Heric. The shave course for American Crew was created by Patti Davenport, a former Groom Director and is currently taught by Alison Rahlf, Shave Director.

All Courses Taught at Groom for Men are Offered by the Following American Crew Educators Working at Groom:

Theri DeJoode, Technical Director for American Crew, co-owner of Groom for Men.
Erica Grabczyk, International All Star for American Crew, co-owner of Groom for Men.
Crystal Heric, International All Star for American Crew, Education Director at Groom for Men.
Alison Rahlf, Regional Team Crew for American Crew, Shave Director at Groom for Men.
Patti Davenport, Shave Director, Shave and Style consultant at Groom for Men.

Barber/Barbette in Training at Groom

We offer specialized services in facial waxing, manicures, scalp massage, color, shaves and facials. Training for these services will be conclusive. We offer workshops to teach the form and function of cutting male specific and follow the learner in a group and individual setting. We offer advanced training in clipper cutting, collection, hight texture, styling, and selected professional courses.

Advanced Education Opportunities for any Stylist

Contact at American Crew:
Samantha Peltier, Education Manager

Observation Days $100:
Spend a day at groom for men and witness our skilled staff in a busy and active cutting environment offering form and function in masculine design.

Apprenticeships Available at Groom

Get your training while on the job. Opt for the apprenticeship program instead of beauty or barber school. The apprenticeship program offered by the state of Wisconsin may be fulfilled at Groom for Men.  It is a full time paid position in which you assist and train at groom for men. School hours are required and are typically fulfilled at MATC on Mondays. The stylist is cutting hair on the floor before the apprenticeship is complete. The program shall be completed in not less than 2 years and not more than 4 years. The contractual agreement for this education opportunity is a 6 year relationship from training to master stylist. This opportunity saves lots of time and money directing all attention to a career opportunity at Groom for Men.

Cosmetology Apprenticeship:
Total theory hours required 288
Total practical hours required 3712

Contact for Wisconsin Apprenticeship program:
Hafeezah Ahmed 414.297.6348
Contact for Apprenticeship Coordinator, MATC:
Nick Triscari 414.571.4743

Barber Apprenticeship:
Total theory hours required 288
Total practical hours required 1712

For more information go to
Click on Licenses/permits/registrations
select business professions
select cosmetology/barber apprentice
select application forms (application, daily records, convictions and pending charges)